I killed Mothman. He was blue and glittery.

Despite my husbands insistence that they are just “nighttime butterflies” I’m actually quite terrified of moths. I don’t particularly like butterflies either, they’re more of a “pretty at a distance” kind of crawly winged thing. But moths are like the vampire bunny creature of the night. Um, I should probably explain I’m also terrified of bunnies as I’m fairly certain they are secretly evil geniuses that will take over the world one day (think Pinky and the Brain but with more fluff). But that’s a whole other discussion.

The window in our car stopped working this week, it will roll down but not up. So I was driving and a moth got in the car and I’m trapped between panic that there is a moth and panic that I’ll crash the car if I don’t stop panicking about the moth. Then the moth may or may not have flown out the window and I was trying to convince myself it for sure flew out the window when suddenly I discovered something on my chest. Right in my cleavage! It was small and flat and when I picked it up it made a little crunch in the middle. Holly shit I killed the moth! 😱😭

This gave me all sorts of new panic. First because I touched a moth and will forever be infected by moth cooties, second because I killed the moth and maybe it will haunt me forever, third because it was still in the car with me, and fourth because the moth landed on me. It landed on me! It may as well have asked me to pet a bunny while it was at it!!! 😰 The second I heard the crunch I flung it across the car as my panic continued to grow exponentially, then realized I threw it at the passenger seat rather than out the window. So I pulled into a parking lot and turned the flashlight on on my phone to start looking for the moth.

After an exhaustive search I discovered the flat creature lying still just above the glove compartment. I shined the flashlight on it and discovered something interesting. The moth was blue and sparkly. It was the exact color of my nail polish. Apparently when the moth supposedly flew out the window I must have waved my hand in panic and the full nails worth of polish came off in one chunk and landed on my chest. I found it, crunched it, and flung it across the car. I’m still not convinced I won’t be haunted by the moth that may or may not have flown out the window, but at least I don’t have moth cooties on my cleavage, or a bunny in my car.

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee we would be enjoying yet more cold brew at home, it is quite delicious. I would tell you how great my therapy appointment went this week. I am in a stage right now where my emotions are more stabilized and, while they are still strong, they are in response to real life stressors outside of my head.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how appreciative I am at the positive responses to my last post. I was very nervous to post, afraid that my emotions would overshadow my points causing further bad perception of the disorder. But I felt it important to share, and am fine with potential negative responses in the future as even those are at least a sign that mental health is being discussed. Though I am glad of the fact it’s been only positive so far.

If we were having coffee I would give you hug, unless you hate hugs and I would give you a supportive high five instead. So many people I know have gone through surprisingly rough weeks lately, and I want to hug everyone and let you know I’m here in case you need a shoulder to cry on or a pillow to scream into. I have an adorable pillow pet who doesn’t mind screaming 😌

If we were having coffee we would sit and enjoy the day, maybe paint our nails with the beautiful new color I just got. I do sometimes convince my husband to let me paint his nails (as long as I know where the polish remover is lol). So don’t worry, you’re all invited to the nail party regardless of gender, and I have two bottles of remover at the ready.
Love you all, have a great week!