Karma? I guess?

Ok technically I don’t believe in Karma they way it is commonly thought. I believe more so that Karma is us putting energy into the world from our actions and that it has an effect as a whole, but that effect may never actually come back to you. We should do good things selflessly to better the world.

That aside, total “karma” shit going on today. Everything seems to be revolving and coming back to wherever it originated. One such example, my husband accidentally scraped the side of the car on a pole today. He came into the house upset and obviously mentally punishing himself. I used some humor to cheer him up and made sure he understood I wasn’t upset. These things happen. I knew he must be feeling at least a little better when I walked out the door to go to work and he sarcastically said “don’t hit any poles today!”

So guess what I did after work today. Ran into a pole. But only a little bit, just the passenger side mirror hit and it popped out he mirror but no lasting damage so I was able to pop it back in.  I came home and told my husband and he was sweet as ever, and used humor to cheer me up. It was like a weird mix of Karma and Deja vu and joint stupidity. And was just one example of this kind of randomness today. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring….

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee we’d be sitting in my living room, with the essential oil diffuser going, and sipping hot apple cider instead of the normal iced coffee with cream I’ve been going for. The whole house would smell delicious and stress free. We would chat about our plans for Halloween and I would show you the costumes I’m nearly done making for the kids. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you about my therapy appointment the other day and how I’m supposed to be find things that refill my energy and positive moods. I find that so hard most days as I find myself lost in my anxieties, but today as I sit here with you I feel a bit rejuvenated. 

If we were having coffee we would eat chocolate and laugh about nothing in particular. We would play games, tell stories, and giggle like kids at a sleepover party. Today I need to hide inside. I need to stay home. But I’m not so off today that I can’t enjoy some aspects of the “outside” world, and so am on Twitter, and reading others blogs, and appreciating that I can be a part of the world even though I am separating myself from the world.