Like a mime in a box

Most of the week I have felt trapped. Not like trapped at home, but like stuck in the outside world without escape. Coming home each night feels like freedom. Leaving in the morning is near terrifying. At work I feel the walls closing in and I begin to panic as I worry if I still have my escape route, if I can actually get out if I go into full panic mode. 

I was trying to explain this to my husband and the best I could describe is that I’m like a mime in a box. I’m trapped and the box is so close around me. You can’t see the box though, in fact the box doesn’t even exsist outside of my own mind. But you can see my fear and my stress. While I work so hard to hide my panic, some bits creep out and are visible, which makes the fear all the more real and intense. 

I hope to be the mime leaning on the table and eating grapes soon, but for now I will hide in the safety of my home as much as possible until the walls of the outside world stop closing in.

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee we’d be enjoying lattes and sitting snuggle on the couch with blankets. I love cold weather, but more so being able to snuggle in warm weather. ❄️❤️

If we were having coffee I’d show you my knitting and ask if you’ve been doing any crafts recently. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be “crafty” to craft. Knitting and crocheting requires only learning the skill, there are countless patterns already made by the magical crafty ones, we just follow them lol.

If we were having coffee you’d probably hear me yell continuously “ITS NOT ALL ABOUT THE GIFTS!” To my excited children as we get closer to Christmas. I am however looking forward to Christmas Eve. I found a thing on Pinterest a few years back where you make a Christmas Eve box. Fill it with new pajamas, hot cocoa, popcorn, and a Christmas movie of some sort. So I started that with our little family. We eat dinner, make Santas cookies, then open our Christmas Eve box and snuggle up for the movie. I look forward to it every year.

If we were having coffee I’d ask what your favorite family tradition is, holiday or non-holiday. I’d love to know.