If we were having coffee…

 If we were having coffee we would be hiding in the corner of the living room with the aromatherapy diffuser going. My husband and I have been enjoying a mix of pine and lemongrass recently, I’m not sure the benefits of either of them, but holy crap it smells good.

If we were having coffee I would thank you for your support this week. I know I’ve been quiet. I know I haven’t responded to comments as I usually do. But I read them. I read them over and over again to remind my brain that I am not alone, and that I can fight. I don’t know what brought on this sudden depression, I have yet to find a trigger, but I will fight through none the less. And your kindness, humor, and support are making that so much easier.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how my children have been laughing in their sleep recently. Funny dreams are a sign of a happy mind and a lack of stress. I am so glad to know that they are in such a great state of mind, even if my mind can’t join right now. Sleep laughter is now a goal for me. And I wish the funniest of dreams and loudest of sleep laughs for each of you.

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee we’d be sitting in my living room, with the essential oil diffuser going, and sipping hot apple cider instead of the normal iced coffee with cream I’ve been going for. The whole house would smell delicious and stress free. We would chat about our plans for Halloween and I would show you the costumes I’m nearly done making for the kids. 

If we were having coffee I would tell you about my therapy appointment the other day and how I’m supposed to be find things that refill my energy and positive moods. I find that so hard most days as I find myself lost in my anxieties, but today as I sit here with you I feel a bit rejuvenated. 

If we were having coffee we would eat chocolate and laugh about nothing in particular. We would play games, tell stories, and giggle like kids at a sleepover party. Today I need to hide inside. I need to stay home. But I’m not so off today that I can’t enjoy some aspects of the “outside” world, and so am on Twitter, and reading others blogs, and appreciating that I can be a part of the world even though I am separating myself from the world.

The wise guys arrived!

So frankincense was recommended to me for aromatherapy and I finally got around to ordering some last week. I of course got the 100% pure therapy grade, cause the fake stuff just isn’t the same. Anyhoo, it arrived today! So freakin excited! I’ve never smelt it before and it is quite definitely unique… and strong. My cat is not sure what to make of this LOL, she started sniffing all confused from across the room when I opened the bottle. Now just waiting for my new diffuser to arrive, which should be coming in Friday! I’ll keep y’all in the loop on how this helps with my stress and my sleep cycles. 

Aromatherapy advice?

I started looking into essential oils for aromatherapy recently. I’ve been loving peppermint to help ease migraines, and have used lavender for relaxation at times. But I’m wondering what some of your favorites are? 

I would love to know a blend for good dreams. My oldest son and I are both stress dreamers. A little stress and we have vivid nightmares. I started started using lavender for him but wonder if there may be something more effective. Let me know if you have recommendations for dreams, or anything else you’ve used essential oils for. I can’t wait to try y’alls recommendations!