I should probably do that

So if I take my mood stabilizer even a couple hours later than usual it makes my tongue feel like I ate really hot soup too fast. You know, that burned numb weird feeling? Yeah, quickest way to know I forgot.

So this was my morning….

“Honey bunch! Let’s go shopping together!”

“Ooo, lets look in this section! No that way! Can we go through the craft section? I NEEEEEED more fake plants.”

*calmly and quietly* “thank you for taking me to lunch. This is so nice. Oh, the waitress gave me extra pickles cause I said I like them. So sweet.”

“Yes music machine, he is very cute. Yeah, totally adorable. Yes honey, I’m talking to a machine!”

“The car radio volume HAS to be on a number ending in 0,3,5 or 7. How can you still not do that for me?!”


*as I burst into tears* “I’m a failure as a wife! I ruined everything! I can’t do anything right!”

“My tongue feels weird. Why does my tongue feel weird? The soup wasn’t that hot last night… OHHHH!”

“Honey, I didn’t take my meds on time. I’m taking them now. The morning has been explained”

6 thoughts on “I should probably do that

      1. I used to take Lamictal in the past, I know it’s prescribed for treating BPD a lot, I don’t have BPD but I do have other diagnoses like did and PTSD, glad you switch to half and half hopefully that will help

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      2. Yeah, I basically ignore what something is “supposed” to be prescribed for lol. Having a good Psych means she can find things that work for my specific chemistry regardless of its original intention. Or maybe we’re just rebels 😜


  1. rainicorn

    Interesting. Good thinking to split your dose. I’ve never experienced this, but lamictal has pulled my life together. Lamictal to the rescue! Do you find it helps?

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