As the Supreme Commander ruling over the border between the Unicorn and Fairy Kingdoms, I approve the release of knowledge

I may be a little too caffeinated to write titles. Honestly last week was incredibly awful and I’m past the point of stress to the point of abnormally strange (I choose to believe there is a normally strange). 

Anyhoo, something I was going to post last week and didn’t get around to was about resources. I was contacted by someone from who asked if I would share the site as a resource for those dealing with addiction. Part of the site is specific to the treatment of those with co-occurring disorders which is something that I fully understand the difficulty of treating. I reviewed the site and found a great deal of knowledge and understanding and so agreed to share. That being said, I have not had experience with their specific treatment centers so cannot specifically recommend going to them. I can only use this as a reminder that treatment is available, resources are out there, and you are worth the time of a great treatment team.

The link for the co-occurring disorders section is

I did some research and found a site where people can post reviews of their experience at one of the treatment facilities from this site. You can see the reviews here 

If you are struggling with any form of mental illness, including addiction, and have hit a point where you are seeing dead-ends in your daily life, then please seek treatment. Whether through this link, local resources, or referrals from those you trust. As the Supreme Commander ruling over the border between the Unicorn and Fairy Kingdoms, I proclaim you worthy of all wonderful things in this life. And I hope that you and those wonderful things meet along your journey to health.

If you have found great treatment centers, websites, or other resources in your own journey, please feel free to post them in the comments. Share your experience for others seeking what you found. I’ll start. 

I found my therapist through my companies employee assistance program, a program that many companies provide to employees to help them seek life resources. I highly recommend this resource to anyone who’s company offers it. It is free of charge and everything is done by an outside source so no one within your own company knows that you have reached out to them, it is completely confidential. So what is a great resource you have used? 

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