If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee you may notice how exhausted I am. It’s been a rough week, and instead of sleeping last night my brain decided to screw me over with constant weird dreams before I finally woke up from heartburn. So I have not rested off the crap from the week yet. But in case you’re wondering, according to one of my more mundane dreams blue broccoli is made from the sticks of apple trees and makes a great snack. Brains are weird, and I may need more vegetables in my diet. 

If we were having coffee I’d tell you how despite the shit storm that was the week I was still fairly productive which makes me feel better. I also was able to fall back on some of my self care techniques like meditation and coloring when I could find some moments to spare. I am proud that I have stuck with my therapy long enough, and dedicated myself to what I’ve learned enough, that I could continue to remain healthy through this time.

If we were having coffee I’d make sure you had also taken some time for yourself this week. And whether you have or not, be sure to work it in next week. Even if only a 5 minute breathing exercise, do something to take care of yourself.


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