I’m a liar and manipulater… apparently

My husband likes to listen to a podcasts when he struggling to sleep. He was listening to one this afternoon while we tried to nap and a chick was interviewing some dude who is a lie expert. Like one of the people who’s job is to detect if you’re lying I guess? I missed the beginning where she introduced him, sorry. 

Anyhoo, she was asking questions about situations where it might make it harder to detect. She asked at one point “what about people with mental illness like Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder who are constant liars and manipulators. Wouldn’t it be harder to tell as they lie so frequently and easily?” My husband and I got a good chuckle and some snarky comments in before hearing the dudes answer. “Well, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration…” and listed off numerous things. He obviously didn’t see mental illness the same way she did, to him it was no different than looking at differences between left handed and right handed people (which apparently is a real thing in lie detection, weird). He also refused to categorize Bipolar and BPD with pathological liars. 

I learned a few things today as I heard that. One, my husband is wonderful and trusts me despite being both bipolar and borderline. Two, there are highly intelligent and vocal people in this world that still proceed to spread misinformation on mental illness. And three, there are highly intelligent people who know better than that.

Guess what y’all, I’m not a constant liar and manipulater. The closest I am to that description is a mask wearer. I wear a mask to hide my mental disorders because of the people like this women who speak to the horrors of my illness and spread the idea that I am not to be trusted. 

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