If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee I’d wish you a Happy Easter if you celebrate that, and a Happy iced coffee Sunday if you don’t. I am celebrating iced coffee Sunday with some of my cold brew, chocolate syrup and a pinch of half and half (I’ll bet you didn’t even know you can pinch half and half!)

If we were having coffee you’d probably laugh at the fact that I’m drinking out of a beer stein. I don’t use reusable straws for anything other than water and don’t want to buy disposable ones, so beer stein it is! Cheers! 🍻 

If we were having coffee you might mention that I’ve been very quiet lately. I’ve been spending some time on self care, trying to rebuild habits I lost when I went through my most recent depression. It’s going well and I will be chatting more soon. But this was some much needed me time, and I’m glad I took it. I would also mention that I want you to take some self care time too. Please remember that self care is NOT selfish, it is necessary. 

If we were having coffee we’d sit and laugh and chat for hours. If you are going to an Easter church service, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you. They best part of cold brew coffee is it stays sweet no matter how long it sits. Your coffee will be delicious whenever you are able to arrive. And if it’s not until night and you don’t want caffeine, I have tea as well. Anything for you my friend. 

Have a wonderful Self Care/Easter/Iced Coffee Sunday!

Love you all, BB

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