Stages of IKEA

Coming home with your new furniture – “I’m so excited! I can’t believe I got so much for so cheap! The kids are gonna love their new room!”

Building nightstand – “um, what are you showing me diagram? Wait this screw or this one? What board does it go in? I’m never gonna get this!”

Building dresser 1 – “Look at me the master builder! I got this! Look at my perfect craftsmanship!”

Building dresser 2 – “Screw in… SCREW IN… SCREWIN DAMNIT!!!!”

Building dresser 2 (still) – “I don’t care that it’s an hour past bed time and you’re tired, Mommy’s still working on your room! Just go watch cartoons or something!”

The following morning – the kids don’t really NEED new beds, right? The unopened boxes look fine in the hallway anyway.”