Pops*y*cles are life 

I’m sick. The kids got me sick. I no longer want to teach them to share. So I’ve been sleeping all day and now I’m in that weird zone where I’m still feeling like shit, but to racing-minded and crap to go back to sleep, and I want a popsycle but already ate the last popsicle. And no matter how I spell that word spellcheck is telling me it’s wrong and that I mean popcorn, so maybe I should eat popcorn. Hold on sec… ok Siri says it’s spelled popsicle, but I think it looks much fancier with a y, just saying.

So now I’m sharing my fucked up brain of germs with you (I share as well as my kids! Go me!) and hopefully I’ll fall asleep again soon cause I don’t know where any of my favorite sick day movies are since my husband keeps rearranging shelves and stuff. Night all! Here’s to us all feeling better in the morning, and to eating pops*y*cles 💕🤧😓

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