Mindful Dreaming – Pushing my hand through a wall

One of the main techniques in lucid dreaming is to have a dream “test”. Something you do to find out whether or not you are in a dream. Do it frequently while awake to build the habit and train your mind to consistently wonder “is this a dream?” 

I decided to try to press my hand through a solid object as my test. The idea being that within a dream the solid object should begin to loosen and bend allowing my hand to press in or through. I have begun doing this as frequently as I can remember throughout the day, though really not as frequently as I should. But as I do so I have begun to really concentrate on it. Can I make this surface less solid? Is this a dream? Does anything around me feel or appear unusual?

One thing I recently learned in my research is that you should actually do this twice in a row. Sometimes in a dream it may not work the first time, but trying again may make you more mindful, more aware, and then you will succeed in your test. So the last couple of days I have made it a point to do it twice in a row.

Hopefully tonight I can press my hand through a wall. But if not it’s okay. This takes patience. My dreams will become lucid in time.