Mindful Dreaming – First Steps in my Journey 

As mentioned yesterday, I want to go to my meditation spot in my dreams. My spot is a large field with no building or houses in site. It is dusk, the stars are coming out, and there is nothing to block the view. I sit on the ground and feel myself sink gently into the grass and slightly loose dirt. I am grounded. I am stable. I am at peace.

I can’t always get there. I go through phases where I can’t visualize and have to switch to guided meditations. I’m in one of those phases now. But I have heard that meditating to different sound waves can help with many things, including lucid dreaming. So when I’m not overly anxious I meditate simply to theta waves.

I prefer theta waves because they balance my heart, throat, and third eye chakras like nothing I’ve tried before. It calms my body and focuses my mind in just 15-20 minutes. I am trying to do this more frequently as it is a strong step toward lucid dreaming and I hope will also prepare my mind to find my field once I take control of my dream.

Do you have a happy place? A spot? Somewhere your mind goes when you meditate?