Team love ❤️ 

It has been a very crazy week at work. Some massive departmental changes threw the whole team out of wack, and we are short staffed while I finish interviewing, and then a very critical member of the team was out sick. Yes I appreciate that you did not spend the entirety of your shift vomiting on your desk, but work just got significantly harder and it was already a mess.

Ya know what? We pulled through! The day had everything done on time and beautifully, we’re set up for success tomorrow and feeling good. Yes everything would have been faster and smoother if it wasn’t all wonky right now, but I am so proud of the work my team got done! 

It is hard sometimes for them to accept my compliments and know how much I truly do appreciate them. So I want it to be known, when a manager tells you on a stressful day how wonderful you are, that you really did keep everything going well, that you are amazing. Believe it!!! Your manager is telling you the truth!!!

I adore my employees and am so proud of what we can accomplish as a team. I hope you all have people in your life that make things a bit more smooth. Whether at work, school, home, or wherever. Surround yourself with a great team.