And how are you today?

I’m being bitchy. Like for 2 days now. So hubby bought me spiced rum, and then during the days has been randomly handing me cups of coffee. He knows me so well! 

Anyhoo, I shouldn’t be PMSing, and stressers aren’t different then usual so I’m inclined to blame the meds. They always have a short period of time of feeling stable followed by some extreme emotion that lasts for a thousand years. 

I want to march into the psychs office, throw my pill bottles and scream “FUCK THIS SHIT! I’M DONE WITH MEDS!” But that’s probably not a good idea. So I’m knitting. 

How are you doing? Feel free to take a moment to comment on how you’re doing. Maybe it’s great and we can totally celebrate with you. Maybe life sucks and we can electronically hug you. Maybe it’s just whatever and you feel like saying hi. Whatever the case, it’s nice to know people exists out there and have days and moods of all types.

PS: how adorable is this little smiley toe? (It’s not mine. I found it online)