New meds! (Again)

So if you’ve been following the blog the last few weeks you’d know I’ve been on a downward spiral since my last med adjustment. So the psych chatted with me on other meds, which ones she was considering, and why. She is always really good about explaining things, and understands my bodies genetic dislike of meds. I love her!

Anyhoo, the new stuff is starting to take affect and I’m doing well. I’ll be posting more normally soon, but for now just wanted to remind y’all… no matter how bad it gets IT IS TEMPORARY. Yes I have wounds healing and likely going to scar. Yes I’m dealing with the emotional aftermath of suicidal thoughts. Yes I have some headaches through this adjustment period. Yes my employees have been wondering why I’ve been acting differently the last month with a sudden change again in mood the last few days. Working through change is hard, working through mental illness is hard, but it is worth it.

If you are currently struggling please stick with your treatment (or get treatment if you haven’t yet) and keep telling yourself that this is temporary. Even if you don’t believe it yet, say it. It is temporary. You’ll get through it. I promise.