Dear Trump, the presidency is not Reality TV

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

Your words have power. The things you say, the things you tweet, the things that pop out of your mouth with or without thought, they have tremendous power.

You spent many years in Reality TV where your words were used to boost ratings. Your attitude helped make money and provide entertainment. In that industry, drama sells, drama makes people watch, drama keeps ratings high and money coming in. I get that, but you are no longer the reality TV star that you were, you are the President-Elect, and your words hold a different kind of power.

I know people who voted for you only because you were the candidate against nuclear weapons. They were willing to look past your many flaws because they feared Clintons stand on nuclear weapons would lead us to war. A war they wanted to avoid. And they are severely disappointed in your recent message. Your words could lead us to a weapons race that leads us to global war.

During the election I feared that your words would increase prejudice. I believe that they did. After the vote I feared your words would lead to further hate crimes against people of color, or relegions that you speak against, or at least don’t speak for. I believe I was right. I continue to fear that your words could push us to a civil war, and with your latest tweets, I now fear global war.

I come from a mixed race family and fear for the safety of my husband and my children, because of your words. Regardless of what you meant, or what good you want to do for this country, your greatest power is in your words and you are using that power in a dangerous way.

Stop fighting the media and random TV shows that hurt your pride. Stop spreading drama as though it’s the best way to stay in the public eye. Stop spreading messages that can lead to further hate crimes. Start taking your job seriously. Start hiring advisors of all different points of view so you can make informed decisions. Start showing a passion for peace and acceptance.

Your words have power. Use that power for good. Before families like mine get attacked for no reason other than the color of their skin, or the religion they practice. I beg you.

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