Hiring anxiety

I have a handful of open positions on my team that I need to fill, so have been doing some interviewing this week. There’s always a touch of nerves for managers as they’re interviewing, and eventually hiring, for open positions. Is this person just good at interviews? Will they really fit in with my team? Did I give them a fair chance to speak? Did I ask the right questions? 

Essentially you’re making a large decision that will impact in some way the life of the person you hired, their family, the people you didn’t hire and their family’s, and all the people that have to work with the new hire. And you’re making this decision based only on a 1-2 page summary the person provided for themself and an hour long conversation. It sucks. (By the way, if your resume is more than 2 pages, it won’t be read. In fact your lucky if the manager does more than a scan of key points on the first page. So please stop giving me 3-4 page resumes. Just saying)

So as I’m scanning through the resumes for my afternoon interviews during lunch, I start making notes on each persons latest job. My 2pm apparently is leaving a job at the psych hospital I was admitted to last December. I nearly choked on my lunch when I read that! Started doing a mental scan of her job description to see if it’s someone I may have seen. How awful would that have been to interview someone for a job reporting to me if they had helped locked my suicidal ass in a mental hospital for their previous work. 😣

Luckily I never had to find out. She didn’t show up for the interview (by the way, hiring managers talk to each other. So not showing up for one interview is basically blacklisting yourself from every potential opportunity in that entire office. Again, just saying). I have never been so relieved to not interview someone in my life!

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