An interesting path

I have distant roots to the Blackfoot Indian tribe, and so have always loved studying the culture and beliefs of this tribe. That love brought me to study more Native American beliefs as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, I also wanted a spirit animal. Well in my research I discovered that guide animals may be for just a season of your life to help you on a specific path. So I have been opening my mind during meditation to allow a guide animal to come.

While meditating today I took my mind to a favorite place, a grass field during evening, soft earth that you can just sink into, no lights to drown the appearing stars. Then suddenly trees began to appear around my mindful place, and a doe stepped out from one of the trees. 

She nuzzled me for a while and then began to walk toward the other end of the trees. I followed her and as the trees cleared out I discovered that she was leading me towards the Emerald City. But it was much past Dorothy’s time and the green had dulled significantly. I didn’t understand why we were going there and felt a deep anxiety about it. She continued to walk forward, regularly looking back for me to follow. I didn’t follow. I stayed in the safety of my trees.

So now I wonder, is this my guide for this season? Is there symbolism in my Doe and the City? Or is this my imagination? Why was I so afraid of the path? Is this my love of Alice through the Looking Glass, and specifically her walking through the forest with a fawn? My love of the Wizard of OZ? My strong desire for an animal guide that I know may never appear? I’m not sure. I’ll continue to meditate, and be mindful of not making things appear. We’ll see what happens.

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