Exhausted – dream advice needed

You may have noticed I skipped our coffee date this morning, I haven’t been feeling good or sleeping well so spent pretty much all day in bed. I know that this is a mix of stress/anxiety/depression and a mild cold, so no worries. But I want to see if you guys have some good sleep advice since a big part of this is also lack of good sleep.

I have extremely vivid dreams, I have most of my life. It quite honestly freaks me out, but not because they’re actually scary. Sometimes during really tough times, or while adjusting to new medications, these can turn into vivid nightmares, but usually they’re actually very mundane. My issue is that I don’t like to know my brain is going without my control. The lack of control frightens me, and can cause insomnia when my stress levels are high. When I’m not stressed my sleep still isn’t restful because I’m essentially living every day twice, once while awake and once while asleep.

So I’m wondering if you have advice on how to fix this. Either to prevent vivid dreams, or turn them into lucid dreams. I either need them foggy or I need to take control, but I have no idea how to make that happen.

And yes, I’ve done sleep journals, and yes I’ve looked at meanings. I am decent at dream interpretation and my dreams are terrible at “hidden” messages. So meanings are extremely obvious in my case and not anything I’m not already aware of. So I really don’t need them as is. Any advice on fogging them or taking control of them is greatly appreciated! 

Thanks all 😘

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