An open letter to the President-Elect

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

There is a group of Americans that are being put in danger with no help that I can see from the current government. With your unique experience coming in to office I believe this is something you can fix. The Dakota Access Pipeline is being protested at Standing Rock where it will go through sacred tribal land and put their only source of water at constant risk. From what I see, an easement has not been granted, yet still development is pushed to continue. 

As a business man, you understand the difficulties of running large projects, the need to look at all factors, all legalities, and potential backup plans. You take pride in your ability to complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget. So I have no doubt that you can resolve this issue with the same business knowledge you have so successfully used in the past. 

Help the planning to be rerouted so it does not go through this land, where it will not required a legal battle that will ultimately make the project more expensive and more despised. Protect these Americans and their land. Do what government past has failed to do and allow tribal land to remain sacred and safe.

As you begin your political career you state that you stand for all Americans, that you want to make America great again. However you have faced objection from so many who fear you stand only by certain groups. Take this opportunity to prove them wrong. Stand by the Sioux tribe. Stand by their rights to their land. Show how your unique experience bringing you into office truly can impact this country for the better by assisting in this difficult protest and finding a strong plan to reroute the pipeline. 

I thank you for your time and look forward to seeing how you can help the Sioux tribe in this matter.


A concerned American and business women

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