You may hate me

I’ve tried so hard to keep my mouth shut but I can’t anymore. Please understand that I love you all, and I hope you don’t hate me for my opinions.

First, I did not vote for Trump. I don’t like that so many feed off his messages to spread hatred. Second, I did not vote for Clinton. I don’t like how much evidence has piled up showing her to be a criminal, and the long line of death that follows her career.

I have Muslim friends who were terrified Trump would win and what that would mean for their family. I have Syrian friends who were terrified Clinton would win after she had already played such a role in destroying their homes.

I have black friends who voted for Trump because they could not ethically vote for a women who treated National Security as a joke. I have white middle-aged male friends who voted Clinton because they don’t like Trumps business choices.

I voted for a third party candidate because I believe it is more important that I vote per my ethics than vote only to win a “lesser of two evils”. I also voted locally and see hope in my local community based on what has passed. But that hope is overshadowed by everyone’s hatred of everyone else’s party.

I see the people who screamed at Trump for saying he wouldn’t accept the results if he lost now screaming that they won’t accept the results that he won. I see people claiming they’d rather leave the country, or even die, than deal with one man who does not have as much power as everyone seems to think.

I see enough of both sides that I am convinced we would see the same style of protests and threats and fear regardless of who had won. And that tells me one thing, this fight is not about Trump, and it is not about Clinton. It is about only our fear.

You cannot control the things happening around you, you cannot control other people’s actions. Of course you’re afraid, the world is scary and this election brought our fears forward and pushed them up against one another. You cannot control what is around you, and to fear is human, it is okay. But what you can control is you. How will you respond? How will you face your fear? Do you have peaceful options to respond to your environment to show that you will not only survive, but thrive in the face of fear? 

My husband has dark skin, he has faced white supremacists personally, he has had strangers shout n***** to him on the street all throughout his life. He understands this fear, and I understand the fear of a wife praying for his safety. Neither of us believe that we would be any safer under Clinton. Both of us believe we have power over our own lives and we won’t let a President, or anyone else change that.

Whomever you voted for, you were right to do so. You looked at information and made a desicion that was yours to make, and no one can take that from you. If you choose not to vote at all, you were right to do so. Having the right to vote means you also have the right not to vote. 

YOU have control over your life and your actions. When fear jumps in your face tell it to FUCK OFF because you are an amazing person who is loved and can choose your own path no matter an election or a president, or a group, or anything else. 

You can’t control the things around you, but you can control how you respond. Respond by taking pride in your decisions because they were yours to make. Respond by living a life of love. Respond by doing something positive for those around. 

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