We’re from different timelines!

So I opened a new glue stick today and IT WAS WHITE! My glue sticks have ALWAYS been purple! My mind was blown. So I texted a picture to my husband saying that the Mandela Effect / Alternate Earth theory must be true, because glue sticks are suddenly white. Know what he said? His glue sticks are always white! So he says that he must be from this timeline while I am from the alternate one…. trippy.

So I googled a bit, and apparently I’ve always used Elmers washable, or Avery disappearing color, which are purple. And most other glue sticks (including Avery permanent which is what I opened today) are white. But ya know what? That’s not near as interesting as my alternate Earth explanation. So I’ll stick with my husband and I being from alternate worlds/timelines.

Your turn! What timeline are you from?

By the way. My son voted white. He says his glue sticks at school are not purple.

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