Forest without names

In the book Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice must travel through a forest but everything in the forest is nameless. As she walks through, she finds that she no longer knows her name. A fawn comes by and they walk together through the forest until reaching a clearing where their names return. Alice is happy to once again know who she is but saddened by the fact that as soon as the fawn realized who they were it ran off in fear.

Too often I feel that I am walking this forest. I don’t know who I am, or even who I started as. I don’t know when I will find my identity or if it will be the same as when I started. As I wander the forest I hope to find a companion as Alice did to make it a little less lonely, but I fear that my companion will run in fear once they see who I truly am. Sometimes I wonder if even I will fear who I truly am. Perhaps it is better to stay lost.

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