Spirit animal

Question, do you have a spirit animal? And if so, how did you discover what it was? 

I struggle with not feeling “human”. I feel separate from the world. For whatever strange reason I always wanted a spirit animal because I feel that seeing those characteristics within myself will help connect me to the world. It’s as though having a spirit animal will make me more human. It may seem strange, but it’s the type of thing that goes through my mind sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Spirit animal

  1. I always was “separate from the world”. I must have come to the planet this time with a different set-up because I embrace my individuality and really do enjoy life going through life “my way”. I feel true to myself and to tell you the truth, I´m not really bothered what others may think of my “perculiarties”. I have my duties to the world but I am happy and satisfied within my core. One doesn´t seem to make many friends being “different” but for some strange reason, I don´t need many friends – I´m content with who I REALLY am.
    Animals always “soak” and take away bad energies and that´s probably why humans feel better living with animals.
    Kind regards. Mr Midnight hopes I haven´t said the wrong thing. Sir Winston says he´s sure you understand my words. 🙂

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      1. That´s nice to make you smile occasionally. Mr Midnight says that the occasional smile is one of the first steps to being satisfied and happy in a world of superficial, fast-paced behaviour. Sir Winston adds that if we don´t take ourselves too seriously (which is not always so easy!) we will find out that life is that much more enjoyable.
        He may have a point. 🙂
        Kind regards and possibly, a couple of extra smiles today. 🙂
        p.s. Mr Midnight suggests practicing grinning like Cheshire Cat but I´ve already told him not to be so silly.

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  2. I coach kids roller derby, and this is a question I always ask them. I find it helps with self esteem and confidence to have a relatable spirit animal, I can’t quite figure out why.

    My spirit animal is a Koala bear though… because while they are seemingly cute and cuddly, they can be very vicious and will certainly F you up. I found this spirit animal while in the thick of competitive roller derby though, and the thought was, “don’t underestimate me, I am not what you think” if that makes any sense.

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