Need your advice

Hey y’all! Looking for some input, thought maybe you could help. I can’t go into a lot of detail as it is about work, but hopefully I can explain this decently.

I am working towards a slight shift in my career. To do this requires a certificate that I am studying for and some more well rounded experience. I have been working to move into a certain type of role in my company to further gain this experience and a few months back had an opportunity to get one. The hiring manager loved me and tried to make an offer but it got stopped in the system due to a technicality. I was absolutely heartbroken.

Earlier this week a similar position opened and my boss encouraged me to look into it. It does not have the same technicality in my way but might have a different one. My husband says I should go for it anyway. He thinks that since my boss recommended it that he would be able to help get my past the issue. I don’t think my boss has enough involvement in this case to make a difference though.

Here’s the biggest issue. I understand loosing out on a job because someone else is more qualified, or interviewed better, or is a better fit. But when I lost that one on a technicality I was devastated and wouldn’t leave my room for days. My BPD told me that I would never get ahead and should give up. I don’t know that I can face that kind of heartbreak again.

My husband thinks I have a much better shot at this one, and my boss thinks I can get it to. But I’m not so sure and fear is telling me to give up before I get hurt. What do you think?