And this is my brain on cold medicine

So I caught a cold, and it sucks, and I’m totally out of it. Of course it is the busy season at work and my team is short staffed so I’m trying to “power through” with a mix of emergen-c, cold medicine, and nail polish. Okay, well the nail polish doesn’t make me feel better, but it makes me feel prettier, so that counts right?

I’m up well past bed time, cause this is my favorite time of day (when the world is asleep and I get to feel alone instead of like an outsider) but I really should get to sleep. Instead I’m watching YouTube, and painting my nails, and feeling weird.

Send me links to funny YouTube videos to make me feel better and I’ll be your friend forever! Here are 2 of my favorites today, maybe they’ll cheer you up too.

PS: If you have a cat and ever find yourself watching funny cat video’s, put it up on the big tv screen. It’s even more fun when I get to see my cat try to get the kitty’s in the tv.

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