Balancing my throat chakra

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am needing to balance my throat chakra which I discovered was all out of whack. Feel free to check out the original post here The Vishuddha Blues.

The first step I took was to research the chakra more. To learn what I can about it. The next step for me was meditation. I found some meditation music specifically created for the throat chakra and set a 20 minute timer. I focused on breathing white light from the ground, I see this as the energy of the universe that I am pulling from (I’ll bet you didn’t even know I was a Jedi). The light starts moving its way up my spine, hitting each chakra in turn until it gets to the throat. 

At the throat it stops and works to light up the chakra blue. If I struggle to light the chakra, I breath space into the throat and breath out the tension in it. Than I start again with the white light. By the end of 20minutes I did feel a bit more relaxed, more able to listen patiently, and the light of that chakra was glowing a bit brighter than when it started. 

This is my first time focusing to balance a specific chakra, so I’m diving in nearly blind. I will continue to share my journey with you in case you want to try some of these techniques too. If you have experience balancing your own chakras, please leave a comment on what you do so I can try it out too. Can’t wait to hear all your recommendations! 

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