If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, we’d brew some at home and sit on my couch with giant mugs and the blueberry muffins I made this week. I would tell you my oldest son is doing great at school, and that we received a note from his teacher on how good of a student he is. I would tell you how my younger son picked me flowers while out walking with my husband this week.

I’d ask you how your week went, and if anything made you laugh. And we would laugh together. I would tell you about me and a coworker trying to learn how to replace the monthly events poster on the wall at work and that it took far longer than expected because “I can’t make it screw, the thing won’t go in!” And how we laughed at how ridiculous we looked and sounded in that moment. 

If we were having coffee, I would remind you that coffee breaks are my moments of happy. And that I want to remember the best parts of my week to share them with you. I would tell you that my husband and I pre-qualified for a home loan this week and that we will start looking at homes this weekend. We are beyond excited, and our son has put in his request for stairs, which we plan to accommodate. 

We would sit on this couch for hours laughing, enjoying the muffins, and listening to my neighbors. The ones with the adorable 2 year old daughter who runs over to my window to say hi everyday. And I would ask you “what was your favorite part of the week?”