Why do I never learn?

My minor paranoia kicks in late at night. It’s usually a good idea for me to fall asleep before that. I usually do not listen to good ideas… apparently. So I’m up late on a caffeine high finishing up some work. I am therefor hearing every sound from my neighbors yard, the other neighbors new dog yapping, and my kids every shift in bed. I get the feeling someone will be coming up to the window to stare at me, which is a pretty dumb fear since I’m really quite boring. But never-the-less, I am now wrapping up my work, grabbing a drink, and will be hiding low on the couch where imaginary stockers can’t see me and loosing myself to the mindless amusement of an old favorite movie. It’s either that or fall asleep anxious and paranoid bringing on vivid nightmares… so goodbye sleep and hello Joe vs the Volcano… or Princess Bride…. I can’t decide 😶