Cats are not helpful to meditation

Work has been crazy the last month. My teams workload basically tripled overnight, and being the good manager I am I still make them take their breaks. “You need time to step away from work and refresh the mind! Go take a lunch break” *mom glare*. And then of course I proceed to skip all breaks…. Oops.

After a week in the psych hospital last year I started meditating midday to lower my stress level. There is a small conference room no one uses that I sneak into during my lunch break to meditate for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. With how crazy work has been I’ve needed this desperately yet refused to give myself that time. So I sat down after the kids went to bed tonight to do a mindful meditation body scan.

I pulled up my insight timer, found a guided meditation I’ve been meaning to try for just this purpose, and then proceeded to watch my cat suspiciously try to find the voice in my iPad. Funniest shit ever! I couldn’t stop laughing as she tried to figure out where to attack next. Needless to say, it is difficult to “focus on the big toe of your left foot” as the lady on the app told me to when the cat was actively trying to hunt her down. I may not have released all the blockage I’m carrying in my lower back, but I did get to release the emotional energy through the laughter. So thank you to my furball for lowering my stress, but perhaps tomorrow I’ll try meditation again 😉